Sustainability at Akarton

Packaging with a Green Heart

At Akarton, we take responsibility to protect the planet and contribute to a more sustainable world. Our packaging is innovative, functional, and environmentally friendly. This is of utmost importance to us because: There is no planet B.


Discover below how we care for both our planet and our people.

The A of Atlas

The A of Akarton = the A of Atlas! There is no planet B. Our packaging engineers develop sustainable packaging and packaging concepts, integrating circular principles into your packaging designs.

During the production phase, we already use 83% recycled material in our packaging and aim to further increase this percentage. This way, at Akarton, we minimize the ecological footprint and contribute collectively to a healthy planet.

Sustainable Packaging

We are determined to develop packaging that does not harm the planet. Our sustainable mindset and packaging solutions reduce the impact on the environment.

So we are always looking for better solutions, and even for existing packaging, we regularly explore optimization opportunities.

Sustainable Production

We strive for a sustainable production environment, compensating for our gas consumption and utilizing renewable energy, including over 500 solar panels.

Recycled paper




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35+ million

Environmentally friendly packaging per year

Circular packaging

Recyclability is an essential feature of corrugated cardboard. During the production phase, we already use a minimum of 83% recycled material in our packaging, and we aim to get as close as possible to 100% recycled material eventually. This way, at Akarton, we minimize our ecological footprint and collectively contribute to a healthy planet.

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Caring for Our People

At Akarton, we realize that our employees are invaluable. Their dedication and extensive knowledge of packaging and possibilities enable us to support our customers optimally with their packaging challenges.

We are pleased with an employee satisfaction rate of 97.8% and a staff turnover of only 2%. Additionally, 1 in 4 employees works at Akarton through social partners. This is a conscious choice because we believe that each person possesses unique talents and qualities. We attach importance on the health and safety of our employees.

Packaging more sustainably

Do you want to know how we can help you with more sustainable packaging? The Packaging Engineers from our Pack Lab are engaged daily in optimizing packaging and sustainability initiatives. Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

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