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Individualization of our packaging solutions for you. Our experienced Packaging Engineers love challenges and are ready to help you.

Do you have a packaging challenge or do you want to package more sustainably?

We understand that each customer and each packaging requirement is unique, and therefore, we offer tailor-made solutions. Whether you need a simple functional packaging or a complex innovative design, we have the expertise to help you. Our customized packaging is not only practical but also visually appealing, making your product stand out.

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Food Industry

Your products deserve only the best. At Akarton, we understand how important it is to package food in a safe, efficient, and sustainable way and to highlight products in the competitive world of retail food. Work with our Packaging Engineers to find out how you can reduce your packaging costs, protect the environment, and remain competitive by using high-quality and attractive customized packaging.

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for the
Manufacturing Industry

Getting your product from point A to B requires a thoughtful approach. We understand the challenges in your industry. The method of packaging and the choice of materials impact your costs, operational efficiency, and sustainability goals. Our Packaging Engineers design cost-effective and sustainable packaging solutions that ensure your products reach their final destination in optimal condition. In any shape or size.

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in the
Logistics Sector

In the dynamic world of logistics, the role of packaging is a crucial factor. At Akarton, we think beyond just securely and sturdily packaging your products. We look at the entire impact in the logistics chain. How does your packaging affect the ease and speed of the packaging process? Can a new packaging eliminate other materials and reduce waste? What is the impact on the space and shipping of the product? Together, we determine your ideal packaging solution.

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Medical Packaging

Our customized medical packaging provides optimal protection for precious products during transport. They are specially designed to ensure that medical samples remain optimally protected. Our corrugated cardboard packaging minimizes the risk of damage and can be safely shipped. Choose our environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable solutions to ensure the integrity of your medical shipments.

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Pack Lab

We remain innovative. Together, we develop packaging solutions that are specially designed for your product. Want to know more? Discover what we can do for you.

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Pack & Collab

The best solutions for reducing your total cost of ownership. We produce corrugated cardboard packaging that accelerates your business processes and reduces your logistics costs.

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Pack & Play

Packaging that surprises. Beautiful and clever solutions for that extra touch. We create experiences that fit your brand or product. Let’s play!

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Circular packaging
with corrugated cardboard?

The A of Akarton = the A of Atlas! There is no planet B.
Our packaging engineers develop sustainable packaging and packaging concepts, integrating circular principles into your packaging designs.

During the production phase, we already use 83% recycled material in our packaging and aim to further increase this percentage. This way, at Akarton, we minimize the ecological footprint and contribute collectively to a healthy planet.

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